Water & Yeast

Water is the largest ingredient and brings unique flavours to the beer. We use local fell water in our beers which comes to us from the local Thirlmere reservoir..

Yeast is our vital ingredient, as without it a beer cannot be made. Yeast turns the brewing sugars into alcohol with carbon dioxide to carbonate the beer as a bi-product. We use a live yeast and this brings it’s own flavours and characteristics along with challenges!  It is a micro organism with no brain (but a seemingly wicked sense of humour). It is this fickle fellow that means regular trips back to work to check, skim and chill the fermenting beer as required.

It is the same fellow that demands tender loving care during the early hours of the morning or decides to stop working on a whim just when things are getting really busy and we need the beer quickly! It is also the reason why beer can have a wonderful fruity taste that is fairly unique to each individual brewery which uses liquid fresh yeast, as opposed to dried yeast.t

Malt & Hops

The other two main ingredients are malted barley and hops. These offer such a great variety of flavour, aroma and colour possibilities. The number of different beers it is possible to produce is endless. 

We use Maris Otter Pale Ale malt as our main malt which gives us  premium quality flavours from the oldest working floor Maltings in the UK. 

We use the finest quality uk hops and hops from across the world to give many  exciting flavours.  Our new Hop Series beers showcase new  malts and new hop varieties.